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CLAS Faculty - Political Science Students Named Heroes

Last semester, Alexander Peck and Max Dalton studied in Germany as part of the Sustainability in Berlin program led by Professor Christoph Stefes. Throughout their time abroad, the pair took part in professional, cross-cultural internships with a non-profit center for those in need of aid named Unionhilfswerk in a troubled part of eastern Berlin.

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CLAS Faculty - Hodgkins on Migration of Human Ancestors

Jamie Hodgkins, Assistant Professor of Anthropology, recently published research reviewing fossil human ancestors currently known from Bulgaria and discussing how to frame hypothesis for the migration of human ancestors into and out of Europe. In the latest issue of Vertebrate Paleobiology and Paleoanthropology, Hodgkins and colleagues emphasize that Bulgaria lies at the crossroads of Europe and Asia Minor and constitutes a key portion of one of the possible dispersal pathways that hominin populations would have employed as they entered and left Europe during the Pleistocene.

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CLAS Students - Ibrahim Named Top Student Leader

Every year, the Denver Metro Chamber Leadership Foundation hosts a summit of the Colorado Leadership Alliance, a state-wide organization of student leadership development programs. More than 250 students gather on the Auraria campus for leadership skills training, networking, and a Mentor's Walk with regional business leaders. The DMCFL interviews the Student Leaders of the Year from each campus to select a top award winner for the $1000 scholarship prize. This year's winner is Public Health Senior Nadeen Ibrahim. The DMCFL award says, "Her work to bring people together, bridge cultural divides and build a stronger community is worthy of the highest praise and recognition." Ibrahim will speak at the DMCC's annual Leading Colorado luncheon on March 21.

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CLAS Faculty - Miller Wins Rilke Prize

English Associate Professor Wayne Miller's 2016 poetry collection, titled Post- (Milkweed Editions, 2016), has won the Rilke Prize—a $10,000 national award given by the University of North Texas to the best poetry collection published by a "mid-career" poet in the previous calendar year.

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CLAS Faculty - Reich Honorable Mention for Mirra Komarovsky Book Award

Associate Professor of Sociology Jennifer Reich's book Calling the Shots received honorable mention for the 2017 Eastern Sociological Society's Mirra Komarovsky Book Award. This award honors the memory of Mirra Komarovsky (February 5, 1905 – January 30, 1999), a pioneer in the sociology of gender.

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CLAS Students - Wunder Lab Exceling

Michael Wunder, Associate Professor of Integrated Biology, is proud to announce the accomplishments of students in his lab:

Ryan Parker, MS student, gave a presentation on his research at the annual conference of the Wyoming chapter of the Wildlife Society in Cody, WY.
Ben Lagasse, MS student, recently published a paper in Wilson Journal of Ornithology based on studies of Wood Thrush that he did as an undergraduate.

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