November 22, 2016 Issue
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Experiences that Change Lives

Experiences that Change Lives

Expanding horizons is something we do in the College of Liberal Arts and Sciences every day. Whether by engaging our students in experiential learning, providing them with career inspiration, or exposing them to co-curricular activities, our faculty and staff continuously open doors to change lives. Our students, in turn, are pioneers, trying things for the first time, paying it forward for others, and making a difference. What they accomplish is remarkable. We highlight just a few remarkable pioneers in this issue.

You'll read about how alums Cinamon Romero and Carmen Vandal met through the TriO program at CU Denver, and how the bonds formed through that connection altered their lives. The two first-generation students became a mutual support network that urged each other on to great success.

Claire Ransom was one of thirteen in the first cohort of CU Denver students who participated in a new global internship program this past summer. She traveled to Chile to work on sustainability in the mining industry, and found the path she hopes to make her career.

Beatrice Guillermo lacked the confidence to major in a STEM discipline when she came to CU Denver, because she had never met anyone like her who had achieved her dream of becoming a doctor. Rather than give up, she partnered with Assistant Professor of Chemistry Marino Resendiz to launch an organization to bring scholars from diverse backgrounds to campus to serve as role models for underserved STEM students.

Finally, STAT (you'll have to read the article to know what that means) encourages students to think about their lives as alumni and leaders in the CU Denver community. STAT was the brainchild of students who wanted to support their peers, and it's succeeding under the leadership of alum Natalie Kellett. It connects students to the city of Denver and to recent alumni through its outreach and fundraising.

Romero, Vandal, Ransom, Guillermo and Kellett are the tip of the iceberg. Each of our students and alumni brings a diversity of talent and perspective that make up the fabric of CLAS. We could not be more proud of their accomplishments!

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